10 avr. 2017

Top Agence Social Media en Chine

Un grand merci à ce site qui parle de notre Agence (gentlemen marketing Agency )

I am positioning this rundown with one being the best. I have not worked with any of these organizations and my positioning is just in view of web composition and data gave. I can’t remark on administrations gave however I feel if an organization is generally working with online networking then their site ought to be exceptionally proficient in light of the fact that that showcases their capacity. Along these lines, how about we begin! Do you comprehend the significance of online networking in China.

Online Networking Advertising Organizations in ChinaReverberation is one of a couple organizations I could discover online that is particularly concentrating via web-based networking media advertising in China. I have persistently gone by their website for cutting-edge data about online networking in China and they have a huge amount of data and information charts on their blog. You can guess by the web composition and the data gave that this organization is settled and educated about the Chinese online networking scene.
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19 mars 2017

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Top Social Media post of the week 

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12 mars 2017

Ils parlent de Gentlemen Marketing Agency

Ils parlent de Gentlemen Marketing Agency et on les remercie

We, the Gentlemen Marketing Agency provide you the best online strategies required for the success of your Chinese media functions. We can take your business to the next level and can suggest you the best online practices to promote your digital business. We have powerful online portals which will help you in getting huge online traffic. You will get a good online public relations and clientele base using our Gentlemen Marketing Agency.


According to internet live stats, in 2016, 40% of the world’s population owned an internet connection, with China accounting for about a quarter of the world’s internet user’s population. Making access to China key when considering promoting or rebranding your business via the internet. Many known names in business today recognized the power the internet wields and tapped into it early enough to grow their businesses through popular social media platforms like facebook, Instagram, Twitter among others.


Why would it be advisable for you to pick Gentlemen Marketing Agency, Mad men of Advertising Organization as your computerized promoting office to enter the Chinese market?


Olivier VEROT Stratégie Chine

3articles sur la Chine que l'on vous recommande.

3articles sur la Chine que l'on vous recommande.

La communication en Chine : same but different

Une campagne de communication en Chine nécessite d’attaquer différents fronts qui peuvent être différents des standards occidentaux.

Site internet en Chinois

La première étape d'une stratégie numérique réussie en Chine est de créer un site en mandarin. Ce dernier devra être hébergé en Chine ou à Hong Kong, permettant aux usagers chinois d'y accéder sans problème et de charger les pages rapidement.

Top 8 Photo Sharing Apps In China

In the modern era photo sharing apps and smart phones are always linked together. Therefore it is not a surprise to know that in China there are millions of companies working on start ups to present the best photo app to their customers. Although there was a time when iPhone was considered as the best phone in terms of photo sharing but now it has been known for some limitations such as: it has limitations in Instagram and it is the only phone that has such limitations, it does not have any brow-sable photos on the desktop and it has ability to support just four apps. Keeping such limitations in view Chinese companies have introduced that are considered much better than iPhone. Here we are going to mention 8 top photo sharing apps in China that support a number of social networking sites.

Gentlemen : the Mad Men of China

The Organization is an advanced promoting organization situated in Shanghai that helps remote nations builds up their business in China; reach and impart to their Chinese purchasers. In a brief time of four years, the organization has officially had a colossal effect on the advertising business, around the world. 

Olivier VEROT Stratégie Chine